This is a place for people looking for a better way to live.
This is for anyone who finds beauty and meaning in the life of Jesus.
Maybe you need to find healing from a religious past.
Maybe you need to lend your voice to people the world tries to ignore.

If you believe relationships, neighborhoods, and our world can be restored, I invite you to come along.

This space will evolve as it grows, but it will always be a place that embraces a life-giving, hope-filled vision of how the world could be.

Here are some ideas and topics you’ll see.


Plenty of us grew up with unhealthy beliefs. Now we’re in the process of finding out what’s worth holding onto and what belongs in the garbage. It’s a traumatic process, made more difficult by how churches engage with doubt. Here, we’ll explore, share, and dream about a healthier version of faith.


Every person is worthy of dignity, regardless of race, religion, or work ethic. Justice seeks God’s best for everyone, and he invites us to partner with him. So we’ll share stories of justice in action and discover ways to fight for justice in our neighborhoods and cities.

How to read the Bible better:

How we read the Bible matters. While there’s no one “right way” to read the Bible, we can discover some helpful ways to read it better.


Authors of the bible use satire to confront unjust systems in their world. It’s often funny and almost always makes powerful people feel uncomfortable. So we’ll welcome satire as a way to help us all get better.


Poetry gives us a way to be artfully honest about how we feel. Whether it’s rage, grief, joy, or hope, poetry can help us better understand God together.